Spooky! Summoner of Storms by Jordan L Hawk

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Federal exorcist John Starkweather’s life is in tatters. His best friend Sean betrayed him. SPECTR, the agency he viewed more as a surrogate family than an employer, wants him dead. His only allies are members of the mysterious organization called the Vigilant, whose motives remain in question.

The only thing keeping John together is the presence of his lovers: Caleb Jansen, a powerful telekinetic, and Gray, the vampire spirit possessing Caleb.

Together, they must not only evade capture, but somehow stop SPECTR from building an army of demon possessed soldiers. If they are to succeed, John must question everything he’s ever believed about SPECTR and spirits. And Caleb and Gray must decide how far they’re willing to go–not just for John’s love, but for his very life.


All through the previous books we have been given hints and people that All lead to the conclusion of this storyline! Yes there have been side stories but again they build to this climax. We have all the major players either banding together to protect or destroy.

The final confrontation at Fort Sumpter was so well constructed that you can feel the emotions, the physical strain and forces of nature all come together to overcome the final conflict. I love how the love and trust John, Caleb and Grey have for each other is what brings about the conclusion of the final battle that could have gone so wrong otherwise.

This series is worth the praise so many reviewers have already stated. Well written, with mystery, plot twists and characters that keep you engaged and wanting for more!

4.5 of 5 stars


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  1. Thanks for the review! Summoner of Storms was quite a finale to the first set of SPECTR books. The second set is awesome so far too.

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