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Spooky Review: Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin #2) Audiobook by Jordan L. Hawk Narrated by Julian G. Simmons

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Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne wants nothing more than to live quietly with his lover, ex-Pinkerton detective Griffin Flaherty. Unfortunately, Whyborne’s railroad tycoon father has other ideas, namely hiring Griffin to investigate mysterious events at a coal mine.

Whyborne, Griffin, and their friend Christine travel to Threshold Mountain, a place of dark legend even before the mine burrowed into its heart. A contingent of Pinkertons—including Griffin’s ex-lover Elliot—already guard the mine. But Griffin knows better than anyone just how unprepared the detectives are to face the otherworldly forces threatening them.

Soon, Whyborne and Griffin are on the trail of mysterious disappearances, deadly accidents, and whispered secrets. Is Elliot an ally, or does he only want to rekindle his relationship with Griffin? And if so, how can Whyborne possibly hope to compete with the stunningly handsome Pinkerton—especially when Griffin is hiding secrets about his past?

For in a town where friends become enemies and horror lurks behind a human mask, Whyborne can’t afford to trust anything—including his own heart.


 Although this one is, in my opinion, the weakest of the series, it is still a delightful addition to the series. Whyborne outside of Widdershins and his comfort zone is always fun. He is such a fussy person, so to plop him down in a Wild West setting where the roads are not paved and the wilderness is right on the town border is obviously going to cause friction.
Threshold does not have quite the same creepy feeling as the first book, but it is still a thoroughly enjoyable read and it does hold keys to understanding Whyborne and the development of his powers, as well as giving us glimpses into Griffin’s past, so it really shouldn’t be left out when reading the series. The narrator of the audiojob does an incredible job once again and I cannot imagine Whyborne sounding in any other way. Will aboslutely get the next of the series.

4 out of 5 stars


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4 replies on “Spooky Review: Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin #2) Audiobook by Jordan L. Hawk Narrated by Julian G. Simmons”

This book sounds so interesting. I can’t imagine taking a “city boy” and putting him in the wild west, along with spooky happenings.

Thanks for the review! This is my favorite series and I adore Whyborne. I only have the first book on audiobook so far, but I did enjoy the narration.

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