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Spooky Review: An Incident of Magic (Everlight Book 2) by Kris Michaels, Patricia A. Knight

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Sold at the age of twelve to support his mother’s drug habit and rescued from a life on the streets by a cop, thirty-two-year old Tony Locke had had a brutal start in life.

He’d risen to the position of homicide detective in the Everlight Police Department—a testament to his intelligence and driving ambition to help other victims of Everlight’s prolific industry in sex and drugs. With his promotion to the hush-hush Interdimensional Task Force, he could broaden his reach—if he could just get along with his a-hole of a partner.

Leo Fortan labored under a soul-crushing burden of sacrifice, trapped in a lonely and rigid existence. Hand-picked from that existence and assigned to the Interdimensional Task Force, he thought his life had taken a turn for the better—until he met his partner, Tony Locke. Leo thought it probable they would kill each other.
For a man who thought love didn’t exist and a man who’d sacrificed everything for it, finding common ground may require more than an incident of magic.


 The sequel to the excellent Evidence of Magic. It can be read as a standalone, but is best to read the first book for the world-building and story arc.

I really liked this installment of the series. This time the focus in on 2 new members – Tony and Leo (Silk). Tony didn’t have an easy childhood, but was rescued by a policeman, leading him into law enforcement. Leo, on the other hand, belongs to a monk-like order, but is on loan to the Task Force due to his skills. The 2 men couldn’t be more different – Tony talks a mile a minute, while Leo is the strong, silent type. Despite their differences and troubled pasts, they develop a working and eventually, a romantic relationship, and together, they investigate the drug/sex trafficking mystery that started out in book 1. As a bonus, we get to see Sable and Hiro again, especially Sable and his magic ☺
The story does end on a mild cliffhanger, not enough to detract but more to make me eager for the next book.

4 stars out of 5



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4 replies on “Spooky Review: An Incident of Magic (Everlight Book 2) by Kris Michaels, Patricia A. Knight”

Thank you for the review. I haven’t read a book by either authors and while I know of Kris I haven’t come across Patricia’s stories before. i appreciate the review =)

Thanks for the good review. Sounds like a good sequel. I like detective stories, and characters with a hard past to overcome.

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