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Spooky! Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin #4) Audiobook by Jordan L Hawk Narrated by Julian G Simmons

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Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has spent the last few months watching his lover, Griffin Flaherty, come to terms with the rejection of his adoptive family. So when an urgent telegram from Christine summons them to Egypt, Whyborne is reluctant to risk the fragile peace they’ve established. Until, that is, a man who seems as much animal as human tries to murder Whyborne in the museum.

Amidst the ancient ruins of the pharaohs, they must join Christine and face betrayal, murder, and a legendary sorceress risen from the dead. In the forge of the desert heat, the trio will either face their fears and stand together—or shatter the bonds between them forever.

Whyborne in Egypt? Sleeping in a tent? What’s not to love? Although I love Whyborne best when he is in Widdershins, where he belongs, seeing him outside his natural habitat is always a lot of fun. And this book brings us great new tid bits about Christine and Griffin as well as seeing Whyborne grow and develop his magic. Certainly not a book to miss. In fact, even if every single book is a contained mystery, you really shouldn’t skip one, as every book gives you just a little bit more of the big picture Jordan L. Hawk is slowly painting with each book. You may not know it, but every detail is a detail in a much larger story arc which is revealed piece by piece as the series continues.

This series is just fantastic. Every single book. Why are you reading this, you should be reading the book instead. Or listening to the audio!
Number of stars 5 out of 5


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Thanks for the great review! I love this series and sometimes wish I hadn’t read it yet so I could experience it new all over again.

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