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Spooky! Fallow (Whyborne & Griffin #8) Audiobook by Jordan L Hawk

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When Griffin’s past collides with his present, will it cost the lives of everyone he loves?

Between the threat of a world-ending invasion from the Outside and unwelcome revelations about his own nature, Percival Endicott Whyborne is under a great deal of strain. His husband, Griffin Flaherty, wants to help—but how can he, when Whyborne won’t tell him what’s wrong?

When a man from Griffin’s past murders a sorcerer, the situation grows even more dire. Once a simple farmer from Griffin’s hometown of Fallow, the assassin now bears a terrifying magical corruption, one whose nature even Whyborne can’t explain.

To keep Griffin’s estranged mother safe, they must travel to a dying town in Kansas. But as drought withers the crops of Fallow, a sinister cult sinks its roots deep into the arid soil. And if the cult’s foul harvest isn’t stopped in time, Fallow will be only the first city to fall.

Fallow is the eighth book in the Whyborne & Griffin series, where magic, mystery, and m/m romance collide with Victorian era America.


The fist time I read this, this was my initial reaction:

“I really need to create a new shelf that is just called AWESOME! And every book in this series will be on it! Write quicker Ms. Hawke, I need the next installment yesterday!”

I still feel this way, about the entire series. That being said, this one is not my favourite book, but it still holds all the ingredients for a great Whyborne and Griffin story and we get a lot of interesting back story on Griffin and his family as we once again uproot the both couples and re-plant them in Griffin’s home town of Fallow.

It is not any authors that can manage to be on book 8 of a series and still be going so incredibly strong as Ms. Hawk is. There has not been a single dud between the 8 books and every story leaves you wanting the next book. Quite a feat!

Warmly recommended, just as any other book in the series, but read them in order! You need the whole thing to get the big picture!

Number of stars 6 out of 5


Copy Purchased for Review

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4 replies on “Spooky! Fallow (Whyborne & Griffin #8) Audiobook by Jordan L Hawk”

Thanks for the review! I feel like Jordan L. Hawk could write this series forever and it would never get dull and the writing would always be superb. I am in awe of her talent.

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