6 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book coming of age Contemporary Cop/Crime Established Couple Gay GFY/OFY Ghost Heat Index High but not hopeless m/m Mid level steam/heat Morgan Mystery Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Psychic Purchased

Spook Squad (Psycop 7) Audiobook by Jordan Castillo Price Narrated by Gomez Pugh





Everyone enjoys peace and tranquility, and Victor Bayne is no exception. He goes to great lengths to maintain a harmonious home with his partner, Jacob. Although the cannery is huge, it’s grown difficult to avoid the elephant in the room…the elephant with the letters FPMP scrawled on its hide.

Once Jacob surrendered his PsyCop badge, he infiltrated the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program. In his typical restrained fashion, he hasn’t been sharing much about what he actually does behind its vigilantly guarded doors. And true to form, Vic hasn’t asked. In fact, he would prefer not to think about the FPMP at all, since he’s owed Director Dreyfuss an exorcism since their private flight to PsyTrain.

While Vic has successfully avoided FPMP entanglement for several months, now his debt has finally come due.



It is so sad to see this series end L What a truly amazing ride it’s been!

Vic is finally leaning toward joining up with Con Dreyfuss now that Jacob has joined his ranks. There’s a murder to solve – of course – that leads Vic to work in the building with the FPMP and he’s beginning to see them in a new light. He’s also learning more about his own skill set and maybe finding the end of Con’s influence.

We see even more of Lisa – Yay – and her new relationship – awwwww! Jacob is as wonderful as ever, and we see a new side to Carolyn. There’s not nearly enough Crash in this, but he’s there, too.

I think, now looking at the entire story as an arc, that watching Vic navigate from almost hating himself and his “power” to (at last) making peace with it and even appreciating it has been the best part of this series. It’s magical – all the things these people can do – but it comes at a cost.

Jacob’s power is intriguing as well. Not really knowing the extent of – simply because it’s so hard to test – makes it that much more intriguing – and in the shorts that follow – (see Psycops Briefs) we see that his powers are “developing and growing” too.

Of course the relationship between Jacob and Vic is growing and deepening too and I think that having seen how Jacob views Vic from his POV in Memento – reading this takes on a special, more warm, tone than ever before.

I’ve loved this series so very much and I hope that those of you reading this will too. It’s really and truly amazing.



Gomez Pugh has (to my ears) continued to improve with each recording he’s done. He adds nuances and subtly tweaks his character so that now they shine like new pennies. He truly performs these characters and has defined them for me in my head so that now I hear his voice as I read the words Jordan has written. I’m so glad to hear he’ll be doing the Briefs audio when it comes out because I’m not ready to say goodbye to this series!

6 of 5 stars – highly recommended



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