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Spell Fall (Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge Book 4) by Jacob Flores

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Love and trust made them soul mates, but destiny might have other plans.

Ever since Drake Carpenter fell in love with warlock Mason Blackmoor, his life has been one supernatural battle after another, but Drake doesn’t mind… much. To be with Mason and experience the magical connection they share, Drake would face entire hordes of vampyren, shifters, or fae—and he has. Luckily Drake is immune to magic, though no one can explain his natural ability to negate almost any enchantment. With Drake’s own family gone, Mason is all he has. So why is Drake experiencing disturbing dreams about Mason that terrify him?

A new threat looms on the horizon, and a revelation about Drake’s identity and the true origin of his bond with Mason shatters everything Drake believes. If Drake, Mason, and all of magic are to survive the coming Spell Fall, the most destructive curse in sorcery, Drake must deal with the truth and fight his way back to Mason—because their enemies are gaining strength, and they intend to reach the boy Drake loves first.


First, this is a book in a series you must read in order to appreciate. I doubt this would make that much sense if read as a stand-alone.

Second, all the brothers are now mated and their powers are increasing but we’ve yet to actually solve any of the main “issues”. The temporary hurdles were handled earlier, but the main problem – revolving around the main attack on Drake Aunt and why is yet to be solved. Ica – who we learn is actually named Icarius seems to have a lot of power but is seeking more and needs Drake to achieve this for some reason.

The other witches and warlocks are also not exactly helpful or on the side of the Blackmoors, so they don’t know who to trust anymore.

It’s interesting to me that Drake and Mason are still in HIGH SCHOOL when all this is occurring. They don’t (usually) act like the teenagers they are and their intimate moments are far from YA. On the one hand I applaud Jacob Flores for just going there and letting these guys have their time together be as though they are married, because, with the Soul Bond, they essentially are. But, it was definitely disconcerting to see them in the High School setting with their very immature compatriots and have them sort of devolve back to being as young as their years would imply.

I loved that the “mystery” in this story is so carefully interwoven with both Drake and Mason’s relationship as it is the power struggle between the other warlocks and Icarius. I thought the crafting of this was really well executed and the prose Flores uses is both strong and fluid and at times really artful and beautiful.

While I wish the trials and tribulations would be over for these guys, I’m glad that this isn’t all wrapped up because it means more books are coming! I hope we get to see more of the other couples in the future, because I missed them in this story. (They’re there, but not main players.)

I think this is a tough book to categorize, because the brothers all act older than they are at times, but where they are in life forces them to behave a bit more age appropriate and it sometimes jolted me out of the story when I was reminded of how young they all are.

I do look forward to seeing how their powers grow and change in the future and can’t wait for the next installment!  (I can tell he must really love writing these as it shows in his story telling!)

4.5 of 5 stars


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I’m glad to see another book come out in this series. Jacob weaves a wonderful story with larger than life characters involved in incredible situations.

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