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Seeking Enrique By Austin Bates

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Successful literary agent Jules must locate his top client for an upcoming book tour, but tracking down the reclusive best-selling author Enrique is no easy feat.

Enrique’s social anxiety goes far beyond anything Jules could ever fathom. When Jules finds him alone in a cabin in the mountains, Enrique does all he can to get rid of the intrusive agent. But an unforgiving snowstorm forces them into close quarters. Soon, their passion and desire ignites–as they hunker down for the blizzard.

With the snow subsiding and the book tour looming, Enrique’s anxiety just may get the best of him–especially when he uncovers the truth about their future. Can Enrique seek sanctuary in the arms of the man he loves in the midst of thousands of fans and admirers?

In this 50,000-word novel, Seeking Enrique, two men discover the warmth of each other in freezing and blustery conditions. But when one of them discovers he’s pregnant, will something more than the ice melt?

For a first book by a new author I think Austin has a promising future.

The story itself deals with how when you talk to people they don’t, can’t or won’t hear what you’re saying. This happens to both characters. Jules, a book publisher, has a successful author that he wants to promote. He plans a three month tour, gets everything set and then cannot get in contact with Enrique. Rick (Enrique) just wants to write, it’s his escape, his refuge, it’s his way to live without leaving his house. From here you get the back and forth between the two, and it is well done. Misunderstandings as well as completely missing what the other person is saying and making assumptions on what is said lead you on a merry trip for the next six months of their interactions. With the dialog and misunderstandings this story moves along at a good pace, leaving you chuckling at all of their interactions.
This is a mpreg story and it had one twist that I haven’t seen before. I’ll let you read the story to find out for yourselves!

4 of 5 stars

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