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Saving the Senator’s Son (Hart Security #1) by Jacki James

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When the son of a right-wing politician falls for the man hired to protect him, he’ll have to choose between being true to his family or true to himself…

Blond hair, blue eyes, and a winning smile. Trey Coben is the perfect, All-American boy. He’s been raised to follow the rules and present the perfect public image. Too bad everything about him is a lie.

Secrets will only stay buried for so long, and Trey’s are about to surface.

When ominous letters start to arrive, the Senator hires Roman Barnes to keep Trey safe. Nothing is going to derail his bid for re-election, not even threats to his son’s life.

As the chemistry between Trey and his sexy bodyguard begins to ignite, Trey is faced with a choice: He can pretend to be the son his father wants, or he can take a chance at love.

With their hearts and their lives on the line, will their love survive, or will it all go up in flames?

This is the first book in my Hart Security series. You will still get all the feels and the happy ever after you are used to from one of my books, but with an element of danger and a little more angst


This had me feeling mixed emotions. The first half absolutely grabbed me. I was feeling so many feels for both Trey and for Roman and his awesome family.

I absolutely didn’t care for Trey’s family, as was the author’s intent.

However, the behind the scene Trey seemed to move to the public eye with a little too much ease. I think he and Roman were way to cavalier with their affections and the danger with the stalker didn’t translate well into believable protection, etc.

So, I enjoyed most of this – set up, characters, plot – but the execution time line was not as believable or as trust worthy as I would have wanted it to be.

I will be looking into the next book in the series, however, because I enjoyed this enough for that.

3.5 of 5 stars

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