Roger by SJD Peterson

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Blurb: Texas native Colt Burrow isn’t happy about his third cold, lonely Christmas in frozen Michigan. But when fate sends him a gift in the form of an abandoned puppy, he can’t keep his heart from melting. With the puppy’s companionship, he doesn’t feel so isolated anymore, and the holidays don’t seem as bleak. He even finds enough Christmas spirit to take Roger tree shopping. But just when Colt’s starting to hope Roger’s owner doesn’t show up… he does, and Colt doesn’t want to say goodbye.

Will Roger end up being Colt’s Christmas heartbreak… or his Christmas miracle?


Review: Short, sweet story about a guy who finds a dog and ends up finding love as well. Colt finds Roger, a stray pup in his backyard. He takes Roger in, gets attached only for Killian (his owner) to turn up to claim him. The 2 men hit it off and the rest is romantic history. Cute holiday story.

3.75 stars out of 5


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