Return of the Chauffeur’s Son 
by Tara Lain
 Dual Review by Mary and Beth!

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Luca McGrath may be returning to Napa Valley, California as a promising chef with dreams of starting his own restaurant and winery, but his heart still lives with bad-boy billionaire’s son, James Armstrong. Luca spent his childhood playing games with the golden boy of California society, so blinded by James he barely noticed the dark, quiet lure of his conservative older brother, Dylan Armstrong.

But now, Luca’s home and his own powers of attraction are enough to make James question his dedicated heterosexuality and his promised marriage to a wealthy and powerful businesswoman. The obvious attraction between Luca and James spurs Dylan into action—but he’s fighting a huge secret. While Luca dreamed of James, Dylan dreamed of Luca. When Luca gets caught in the struggle between the brothers and gets accused of culinary espionage he’s ready to chuck the fairy tale—unable to even imagine Dylan’s power to make his dreams come true

Review by Mary 

I love old movies so when I realised Tara Lain had written a homage to Sabrina (my favourite is the 1954 film with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart) I had to read it. Oh boy has she done it justice.
Luca kept his childhood crush on the charming James Armstrong alive all through training to be a Chef in France and building his career. In his heart he knew it wasn’t meant to be but when he gets a chance of work back home near James he goes for it. James is as charismatic as he remembered and his brother Dylan just as serious. But now he’s grown up Luca starts to see Dylan for who he really is.
Tara’s writing is excellent. The story flows along keeping you entertained. There is no angst or conflict just a sweet timeless romance. A love story where the love you’ve been looking for is right in front of you but you’re looking in the wrong direction. Until your eyes are opened and you have your happy ever after. Contented sigh.
I wholeheartedly recommend this captivating story.

4.5 of 5 stars



Review by Beth

Overall this is a sweet story that got its inspiration from the movie Sabrina. If you loved the movie you will love the book!

Luca grew up over the garage and played with the billionaire’s youngest son, James. He leaves to study to become a chef, training in both Paris and New York. When offered a job at one of the top restaurants in the valley he grew up in, he accepts and comes home. He wonders if his attraction to James is as strong as when he left. But this story deals with more than just Luca’s obsession with James, it also deals with a very competitive contest between the Valley’s restaurants for top billing and Luca is the secret weapon.

I liked how the different story lines were interwoven. The pace was steady and – even though if you knew the original story you knew how it would end – the author’s path to get us  there was clever and sweet. The supporting cast was just that! They supported the characters and the story line wonderfully.

So grab a glass of wine, curl up in a comfy chair and enjoy the story.


4 of 5 stars


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by Tara Lain
 Dual Review by Mary and Beth!”

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