Retro Review: Timber Pack Chronicles (Timber Pack Chronicles #1) by Rob Colton

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The object of Parker Montgomery’s crush is big man on campus Colton Butler, who is much more than he appears to be.

Colton has been watching Parker from a distance, patiently waiting for the day when he will finally be able to claim his destined mate.

When Parker is threatened by a rogue wolf, Colton’s instincts take over and he finds that his actions have consequences that threaten to tear his pack apart.





This is one of my “oft re-visited” stories. I love how sweet Colton is to Parker and how loyal his pack is to him as well.

I love the instant connection between the two and the total immersion Parker gets into shifter life.

I could do with a little less sex. These are 18 year old boys and the writing matches that – lots and lots and lots of sex and descriptions of jizz and boners and ….lots of it.

The pack dynamics are interesting and I love the secondary characters too.

If you’re a shifter romance fan and you haven’t run across this series – check it out!

4.5 of 5 stars


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