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Retro Review: Rampage (Out for Justice #3) by Reese Knightley

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Explosive action, bullets flying, heroes, villains, and love, you don’t want to miss this next installment in Reese Knightley’s Out for Justice series. Read Ricochet and Collide before diving into the next story!

-Rampage –
Three strong, independent, and protective badasses are on the cusp of romance when tragedy and disaster come at them like a landslide. While they chase down a sex trafficking kingpin with a devious plan, life throws one challenge after another in their path.
Grumpy Phoenix sniper, Storm, wears a perpetual frown to keep others at bay. There’s a reason they call him stormy, which has nothing to do with the color of his eyes. He equates communicating with people to chewing on glass. It’s not that he doesn’t want to connect, it’s just that he sucks at it.
Easygoing FBI Agent Roscoe Burns navigates an unexpected tragedy that sends his comfortable world in a tailspin right when he’s found what he wants in life. But then, sometimes life has a way of providing the extraordinary.
Spirited Phoenix tracker, Wild, is reeling from a past he thought he’d left behind. When a golden chance for something greater emerges, his propensity to overthink things might just ruin his chances.
Storm, Roscoe, and Wild flirt around a burning attraction as Phoenix continues the fight against crime. Communication, tailspins, and tragic pasts are just some of the things these men will need to face when death comes knocking. Can three strong men survive the trials they face or will history destroy them all?

*Note from author – Rampage is not a standalone novel. To get the full enjoyment out of the story and characters, reading from book one is strongly recommended. Trigger warning: Human trafficking, mention of child abuse and murder


This one I both liked as much as and less than book 1.
I thought the romance was great – BUT – I did NOT see the connection between all 3 guys. I could see it between any set of 2 of them, but I did not see why they HAD to be a triad. It just didn’t feel organic in the way that you hope to see triads develop.

There were times when I thought Roscoe was an afterthought, and I didn’t like that.

The crime/mystery stuff is a HUGE part of this and the wide array of characters can be dizzying.

You have to read these all in order and even then it’s a bit much to keep track of everything.

Overall, I enjoyed it – but I didn’t love it.

3.5 stars

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