Retro Review: A Matter of Duty (Hong Kong Nights #1) by J.C. Long

Ninestar Press


Noah Potter has come to Hong Kong to find his missing sister, Lianne, who disappeared after leaving him a voice mail pleading for his help. Unfortunately the Hong Kong police are unwilling to help him, so Noah has to find her himself.

Noah’s search for his sister brings him across Wei Tseng, leader of the Dragons, a group of dedicated men and women willing to do whatever it takes to keep their district safe from the violence and triads that plague the rest of the city’s underworld. Wei is a man of violence but also one of incredible compassion, and his history is one that resonates with Noah, igniting a passion neither man expects.

Together they search for Lianne, a search that will lead right into a conflict with the Dragons’ greatest rivals in the city.


This was originally released in March 2017.  It is now in audio format and I believe the publisher is pushing the series again for that reason.

I was intrigued by the setting and all the praise this series has gotten.  However, this is absolutely a case of “it’s me not you”. This is a well-written, intriguing and fast paced story.

It was too dark and I couldn’t handle the ending. (I don’t want to spoil it, and NO the MCs don’t die.)

Many others really resonated with this story, but – for my current mood – I couldn’t deal with the darkness here.

No rating.

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