4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Bi-Sexual Book coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Gay Gay Heat Index long distance love m/m Mary D Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Reconcilliation second chance at love

Remember When by S.J.D. Peterson

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Life is simple and hopeful in youth. Luke and Nelson are best friends exploring their budding sexuality. They have big plans for the future, and nothing can stand in their way or tear them apart—except a family move that puts a continent between them.

Ten years later Luke and Nelson meet again, but nothing is simple anymore. As strong as the attraction remains, obligations and expectations come between them as Luke is forced to honor family responsibilities over the desires of his heart.

Impossibly fate sees fit to offer them a last opportunity to see what might have been. Will the third time be the charm, or is trust so badly broken it is impossible to repair? Can they recapture the innocent love they once knew and make up for all the wasted years? In a love story that spans half a lifetime, two friends destined for each other will have to fight hard for their happily ever after.


I was drawn to the idea of not just a second chance but a third chance at love with the special someone. I liked the way this story was told in three parts. Luke and Nelson are best friends. We meet first them when they are thirteen years old and world is just opening up to them. Family circumstances pull them apart and they loose touch.

Ten years later they meet again accidentally or fate who knows but it’s now that they admit and act on their attraction to each other. I loved reading about them as young boys it set the tone of their relationship up perfectly. Meeting them again as young virile men just starting out in life and how they connect after 10 years apart was superb.

I got the shape of their character how Luke used his charm and Nelson was more introspective. Once again a situation out of their control drove them apart and they did not see each other until seventeen years later. You can’t build a life setting for second best certainly came true for both of them. They are both single when they meet again.

This time they get their chance of a happy ever after. To be honest I thought part three was a bit short. I had just got into their life in the present day when the next chapter was the epilogue. Overall I did enjoy the story and the idea that if it’s meant to be love will find a way. But I have a feeling that this book might divide opinion between those who love it and those who don’t.

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