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Release Day: Star-Crossed Lover (Dreamcatchers #2) by Liv Olteano

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Dreamspinner Presents


A Dreamcatchers Tale

A love worth crossing the stars for.

Taka has been a dreamcatcher and part of Team 32 for over six decades, but nobody has tempted him like Ginger—a dancer at club Zee. Too bad dreamcatchers aren’t allowed to have meaningful relationships with regular people. His willpower proves a finite resource, though, when a mission at the club means spending much more time around Ginger.

Ginger’s infatuation with Taka is unwavering. When he proves to have some paranormal skills of his own, he earns himself a place on the team—if he wants it. His decision will change his life—not to mention Taka’s—irrevocably.

But living in the now could prove an issue for a man who has as much history as Taka. Can Ginger’s determination help him make his way into Taka’s heart?


I chose this based on a whole lot of potential that I glimpsed with book 1 – unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition.

The author has created an interesting world with soul sucking demons and people with long lives who use spider magic to stop them. Sounds intriguing and mystical and magical right? It’s surprisingly flat and hard to get interested in.

Part of my problem with this might be the first person narrative which is not my favorite. The writing felt very stilted and awkward a lot of the time and the dialog inauthentic.

Another of my concerns was the fact that Taka comes off as really flat despite his decades of life and adventures and Ginger comes off as a caricature. We could have delved into the “star crossed nature” of our lovers, but we don’t. We could have explored Taka’s past love, but we don’t. We barely meet/understand Ginger at all and then- pow – they’re crushing on one another and bonding.

I never felt these two connect and their romance did not ever feel real to me.

I wanted to like this – but it just fell flat for me- both the romance and the action against the monsters. If you enjoyed book 1 you might enjoy this, if book one didn’t work for you, this won’t either. IMHO book 1 was better executed.  I don’t think this stands well on it’s own and should be read as part of a series.

2.75 of 5 stars

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