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Release Day Review: Under a Blue Moon by Bru Baker

release day review

Dreamspinner Press:


Once in a blue moon, opposites find they’re a perfect match.

Nick Perry is tired of helping people with their marriages, so when a spot opens up to work with teens at Camp H.O.W.L., he jumps at it. He doesn’t expect to fall in lust with the dreamy new camp doctor, Drew Welch. But Drew is human, and Nick has seen secrets ruin too many relationships to think that a human/werewolf romance can go anywhere.

Happy-go-lucky Drew may not sprout claws, but he’s been part of the Were community all his life. He has no trouble fitting in at the camp—except for Nick’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the growing attraction between them and his ridiculous stance on dating humans. Fate intervenes when one of his private practice patients threatens Drew’s life. Will the close call help Nick to see a connection like theirs isn’t something to let go of

This story can be read on it’s own. It is set in the same place as book 1, Camp H.O.W.L, The secondary characters appear in both books with a very brief appearance from Tate and Adrian (mc’s in book 1). I liked this story better than the first book. Both characters feel an irresistible pull towards each other, it’s meant to be. A sort of fated mates but with Drew being human. Nick is a bit of an idiot though. Absolutely convinced here no point in trying for a relationship because Drew is human and it’ll never last. It’s a good twist showing a shifter who is condescending towards humans and having to eat his words as Drew proves he is just as good in many ways. I do wish Nick apologised properly to Drew for his attitude. The close call brought him to his senses but he was still being an idiot and making assumptions. Drew is a sweetheart, so full of compassion. He knows his limitations within the were community and works within them to fit in. He had never had a problem before until Nick, who was happy for a one night stand cut wary of anything more when they met again. I’m starting to love the Camp H.O.W.L crew and hope there is another one in this series within a series.

4 of stars out of 5

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