Release Day Review: Twisted by Mary Calmes

release day review

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Marshals: Book Four

Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones finally has everything he ever wanted. He’s head-over-heels in love and married to the man of his dreams, his partner Ian Doyle, he’s doing well at work, and all his friends are in good places as well. Things are all tied up nicely… until they’re not.

Change has never been easy for Miro, and when situations at work force the team he’s come to depend on to break apart, and worst of all, his and Ian’s individual strengths put them on two separate paths, he’s pretty certain everything just went up in smoke. But before he can even worry about the future, his past comes for a visit, shaking his world up even more. It’s hard to tell what road he should truly be on, but as he learns some paths are forged and others are discovered, it might be that where he’s going is the right course after all. If he can navigate all the twists and turns, he and Ian might just get their happily ever after.


What a long rollercoaster ride, but totally worth it! From the opening scene to the end, never a dull moment. There are several ‘Twisting` story arcs going at once, but they are all ‘Tied’ together ?

The overarching theme of the book is family and knowing who you are.

Miro and Ian are now married, still working together, but not for long – the working together, I mean. When they get assigned to separate taskforce, (don’t tell the marshals I used that term!), Miro feels adrift, but he doesn’t have time to wallow as his past comes back to haunt him.

I’m trying not give away any of the plot, but I will say that hold on to the seat of your pants because it is one helluva ride. By the way, if you’ve read the Vault series, you’ll get a kick out of the end ?

Thoroughly enjoyed it!
4.5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

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