Release Day Review: The Architech and the Castle of Glass By Jade Mere

release day review

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Chasing his dream will send him into a dark and twisted nightmare.
Tahki’s only goal is to become a world-famous architect, even if that means betraying his father’s wishes by abandoning his comfortable life for one of unpredictable danger.
After Tahki blindly accepts what he thinks will be a dream job, his skills as an architect are put to the test as he is given the bizarre—and slightly unethical—task of turning a remote castle into a new-age machine for Prince Dyraien. The castle provides a challenge unlike any he’s had before, and Tahki finds the only way he’ll be able to succeed is to swallow his pride and work alongside Rye, a guarded young man who is quick to see the flaws in both Tahki and his work.
Yet the looming deadline proves to be the least of Tahki’s troubles. When a horrifying creature begins to haunt him, Tahki turns to Rye for help. The more he learns about the history of the castle, the more terrifying the hauntings become. Even with Rye by his side, Tahki realizes achieving his dream might send him down a dark path from which he can’t return.


 One of the things I love about being a reviewer is being able to explore new authors or themes or styles without fear! I was attracted to the mystery in the blurb – what’s the challenge? – what is the creature? – how horrifying is it?

From that I probably should have guessed that the romance would take a back seat and it definitely does.

This is a story about Tahki learning about his past and only as a side note does he fall in love.

I’m not a big fan of fantasy (in this sense) and I wasn’t that compelled by the story – but that is 100% personal taste.

If you like fantasy, don’t want a lot of sex, aren’t too worried about the romance, like a bit of a mystery and totally unique world building – this is for you!

No rating as it just isn’t my flavor 😉



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