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Recent Release: Witchbond (Kitsune Chronicles #2) by Lissa Kasey

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If your super power meant you could turn into a kitsune, a powerful fox spirit, you wouldn’t fear for the life of your mate, right?

Sebastian survived an entire year on the run from the supernatural. Then he met Liam, his fated mate and alpha werewolf, and thought maybe he’d found a home. Until the fae come calling. They want control of Seb’s power, even if that means eliminating Liam to get it.

When a trick leaves Seb in trouble with the werewolves, the military, and the fae, he fears his only option is to run. Except Seb is done running. He will stop at nothing to keep Liam by his side, even if it means letting his beast loose on them all.


This was just a bit “much” for me. It is very involved and complex – lots of world shifting and moving back and forth from other worlds.

I did not like it as much as book one. I loved the emotional connections that finally get forged, but the action/adventure is the vast majority of this book and that is not my “thing”.

If you loved the world building of book one and want to see more running, fighting, worrying, etc – this is for you. I did love Seb’s new powers but… I found myself forcing it to get through this.

3.5 of 5 stars

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