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Recent Release: The Wrath of Wolves (Dark is the Night #3) by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood

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Preston Alexander has wanted to see the world for as long as he can remember. Now, an opportunity has presented itself. A supposedly haunted item needs transporting clear across the Atlantic. James and William can’t take it, so Preston jumps at the chance. He may not know nearly as much about the dead as his friends, but surely it can’t be that difficult. Besides, he won’t be alone: Benjamin will be at his side, and together, they’ve always been able to handle anything.

After abandoning his new job and the strained relationship with his father, and still grieving the loss of his mother, Benjamin Prichard is eager to figure out his place and purpose in life. He isn’t keen on the idea of travelling across the world, but if it means staying with Preston and keeping him out of trouble, he’s willing to give it a go.

But their trip isn’t exactly the holiday they’d hoped for. Not only is their cargo possessed, but it’s also sought after by a mysterious group led by a man with supernatural abilities far beyond what either of them thought humanly possible.

They aren’t just being trailed; they’re being hunted.

This time, the true danger is as much the living as it is the dead.

The Wrath of Wolves is a perfect, suspenseful, scary, and scarily amazing addition to the Dark is the Night series! It answers some questions about all the things that go bump in the night and some other threats out there, but raises even more and introduces several intriguing new secondary characters (please pretty please can we have more N & S?). The reader is mercifully spared a cliffhanger ending, but still left so so needy for more stories in this universe.

This is the first full-length story that doesn’t revolve around James and William, but it holds up beautifully next to A Light Amongst Shadows and A Hymn in the Silence. I liked Preston and Benji fine before, but I utterly adore them now. They were a bit of a surprise, so different from James and William, but just as strong in their devotion and love for each other and absolutely wonderful characters in their own right. I’d be hard put to name a favorite MC at this stage.

In The Wrath of Wolves Benji and Preston are faced with mysteries and threats on different levels, some of this world and some… decidedly not so. And perhaps even more dangerous for it. I loved the suspense and the scary, threatening atmosphere throughout the story, as well as the action scenes, which were excellently paced and very, very bad for my blood pressure.

The love story builds up very slowly, though we are never in any doubt about the strength of Benji and Preston’s feelings for each other. The longing and intense emotion these two young men feel for each other is only hinted at for the longest time, but picking up the clues left by the authors was the sweetest torture. Preston’s feelings are slightly more obvious than Benji’s which makes everything even more of a tease for the observant reader. Will they, won’t they…? And when?! The moment they finally cross that line was just…everything! Such a pivotal scene, a shot to the heart.

Loved this and need more!


Number of stars out of 5: 5

Copy Purchased for Honest Review

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