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Recent Release: The Professor’s Green Card Marriage by Heidi Cullinan



I’ll marry you.

Professor Valentyn Shevchenko isn’t sure how to react when, after months of ineffective flirting, the cute barista’s first words to him are a proposal. In many ways, Peter Grunberg is the solution to all his problems. With his work visa inexplicably denied, Valentyn is running out of options to keep from being deported. But is a green card marriage really the answer? Is it still a marriage of convenience when he’s this attracted to his potential spouse?

Peter came to his uncle’s coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado, to reset his life after his struggles with selective mutism returned with a vengeance. He never meant his first words to the handsome ecology professor to be an offer of marriage, but he’s not backing out now. It doesn’t matter that Peter struggles to find words. He can say everything he needs to with his body.

Though this relationship may have started out back-to-front, Valentyn and Peter are determined to make their fake marriage real. But one misstep in their immigration interview could bring everything crashing down. They’ll have to hope that their love is enough to overcome all their obstacles and give them the prize they’ve both been dreaming of: a certified happy ever after.


I wasn’t sure if I would like this book since the fake relationship/marriage trope is probably one of my least favorites. However, since this was written by one of my all-time favorite authors, I gave it a go.

This book was AMAZING!!!! The characters were great. Each one is dealing with very different problems. Val (no way am I trying to spell his full name) is scared of having to return to his home country. He comes off as almost paranoid a few times, thinking the government is reading his emails and listening to his conversations. Peter seems to be this quiet, shy guy but you find out that he is this passionate rabble rouser but due to his selective mutism he is stuck only being able to voice his opinions online or to those very close to him. This was a very fast pace story. Peter and Val were spouting “I love you’s” very early on in the story, which isn’t typical for a Heidi book. The two have crazy chemistry and it’s fascinating to see how they work out their relationship.
Highly recommend!!!!
5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


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