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Recent Release: The Captive Incubus (Immortal Mates #2) by Liv Rider

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A snarky incubus. A warlock with a secret.
Bound together by a magic they can’t break.


Casual sex has always been enough to satisfy Shay. Who needs more when humans provide such a gluttony of pleasure? He might find big, blond, warlock Alex attractive, but that’s definitely all it is—especially since Alex is the one holding him captive for a band of bloodthirsty vampires. All the sexual tension in the world can’t make up for his loss of freedom. Right?


It should have been easy: capture and bind a demon, then collect his payment from the vampires. He has his own problems to deal with. All he wants is for the vampires to take Shay off his hands and to get the incubus out of his head. Shay might be the sexiest demon he’s ever seen, but a warlock should be able to resist temptation. Right?

But the magic binding them together has other ideas. It’s getting harder to hold out from giving in to what they both want—especially since they have a common cause after all. But can they overcome all the protections around their hearts to let themselves fall for real?

The Captive Incubus is an m/m paranormal romance between an incubus and a warlock with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It’s the second book in the Immortal Mates series, but can be read as a standalone.


This was both really fun and fascinating, but also kind of “all over the place”. I did not read (or remember) book 1, and I’m sure some of this would have been more resonant had I done that. The 2 MCs from book 1 play roles in this, though more on the periphery, I still think having read the first book would have helped shaped this story line.

I loved the naiveté that Alex shows juxtaposed with the jaded demon, Shay. The magic was awesome but I wanted to see more of Shay’s “powers” at work.

There was a LOT of waffling and some really random sex scenes. I loved that our guys spend most of the book in close proximity but I wanted to see them – at least for a little bit – out of danger to get a feel for them in the long term. Right now, I have a hard time buying their HEA.

I was really intrigued by Alex’s sister’s story and I hope we get to see more of her. The tid bit at the end leading into what is obviously book 3 looks great, too!

All in all this was fun and sexy and a little sweet.

4 of 5 stars

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