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Recent Release: The Bachelor Thief (A Paranormal’s Love #28) by Charlie Richards

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Into the Paranormal World: When a confirmed bachelor stumbles into the paranormal world, he must reconcile how his connection with a gargoyle will affect his life.

Attain Walsh knew something was odd at Nicholas Lindson’s ranch. Ever since his best friend married Sandra, things have turned…strange. Wanting to get to the bottom of things, Attain begins to show up unexpectedly. He’s shocked to stumble across Nicholas making out with someone other than his wife. The idea that his buddy was a cheat had never crossed his mind. Unable to help himself, Attain confronts Nicholas…and learns that the marriage is a sham. Both Nicholas and Sandra have separate partners. Not only that, but his friend’s partner—Bodb—isn’t human. He’s a gargoyle. When Attain meets more of them, he’s shocked to find himself attracted to one of the huge beasts—a dark-blue gargoyle named Ssimeas. Then he learns about mates—someone the gargoyle considers the other half of their soul—and Ssimeas claims that Attain is his. But Attain is a confirmed bachelor. He has no desire to be anyone’s soul mate. Can Attain convince the gargoyle to leave him alone? Or will the male’s flattering pursuit sway him into turning his life upside down?


This is a new Charlie Richard’s based on her paranormal gargoyle series. It is pretty much as you would expect. The main character who falls for the gargoyle identifies as straight and has a very conservative family. There is not a lot of plot nor relationship building. It is pretty much exactly what the other gargoyle stories are. However if you enjoyed those, you’ll enjoy this. I should note however that the female in the story is awful and unnecessarily so I don’t think she behaved in any way like a normal person. And it absolutely detracted from my enjoyment. I would round it from 2 1/2 to 3 stars but only just barely I did feel that this was egregious. Three stars.

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