Recent Release: Taking Care of Business (The Necromancer’s Smile #3) by Lisa Oliver

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The Necromancer’s Smile: Taking Care of Business
Book three.
(Please note, this is a trilogy covering the same main characters throughout. Reading books one and two is best before reading this one).

When Sy learned that Connor, the young familiar who’d been staying with him, had been captured, he knew immediately that he could find him. After all, what use was it, him being a Necromancer, if he couldn’t locate lost souls. The fact he was hosting Dakar’s parents at the time, shouldn’t have made it an issue. After all, they were pack orientated and understood the need to bring a family member home. Didn’t they?

Dakar had been a loving son for fifty years, so when his mom pitched a fit at him, for being part of the efforts to bring Connor home, he was a wee bit annoyed. Unfortunately, he had bigger things to worry about. A demon had set his sights on his mate, and while that wasn’t as unusual as you might think, this particular demon came with complications.

Everything is coming to a head for this unusual family. A wicked sprite, an off-course priest, and a demoness who isn’t all she appears to be are just some of the hurdles Sy and Dakar will have to cross before they finally get their HEA. And what was a dragon doing in the middle of a field?

This is an MM paranormal romance story and part of a trilogy. It contains men loving men, as well as cheeky spirits, a Necromancer growing in confidence, and a wolf shifter who’s getting more familiar with magic every day.

Trigger warning: One of the sub-plots in this story deals with historic child abuse. If this is an issue for you, please don’t purchase this book.

Previous books in this series:
The Necromancer’s Smile.
The Necromancer’s Smile: A Family Affair.


This was a nice addition to the series.  I found the parents to be tedious and not necessarily believable.  I loved learning more about Sy and I loved seeing the full extent of his powers.  There is a lot of excitement and not a super lot of romance in this, but it is still sweet and fun.

I don’t think you can read this as a standalone but if you’ve started the series you’ll want to read this and you’ll enjoy it!


4 stars

Copy Purchased for Review

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