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Recent Release: Splintered by Tal Bauer

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Everything in Ben’s life was perfect. He had it all. The good career. The perfect partner, Evan. The happy home. They were even talking about turning the extra bedroom into a nursery.

But things start to splinter.

Evan begins missing time, not knowing where he was or how he got there. Terrors in the night rip them both from sleep, and Evan’s suddenly violent outbursts cost him his job and his reputation.

And voices in his head turn from whispers to screams, commanding him to act.

To turn on Ben.

How far will Ben go to save his partner’s life? How far is too far?

Should he have just… run away?

I love Tal Bauer’s writing. The first part of the book is suspense the second is supernatural thriller. This story begins at a tense time between Ben and Evan which was conveyed so well that I felt uncomfortable. I never do well witnessing fights between people and this story starts with Ben thinking it’s the end of his relationship with Evan. The tension is palpable. Ben’s description of his feeling of dread as ‘an ice cream scoop to his guts’ is so evocative. But Evan is hiding his own problems and they are a lot more terrifying than possibly splitting up. As the situation between them increases the tension builds the story becomes a fantastic thriller. No matter how unsettling I just can’t stop reading. I felt like I wanted to read peeping through my fingers. As you can tell I’m not a horror fan but this story was compelling. I am happy with the ending and I’m so glad I read it during the day and not before bed.

number of stars out of 5. 5

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