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Recent Release: Slow Birth by Leta Blake (Heat of Love book 2.5)

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Jason and Vale are back in this side story set in the Heat of Love universe!

A romantic getaway turns dramatic when an unexpected heat descends on Vale, leaving Jason with no choice but to act. The resulting pregnancy is dangerous for Vale and terrifying for Jason, but with the help of friends and family, they choose to embrace their uncertain future. Together they find all the love, joy, and heat they need to guide them through!

While this story follows the characters from Slow Heat, it will be most enjoyable if read directly after Alpha Heat, as it takes place contemporaneously with that book.

It was great reading Vale and Jason’s pregnancy story from their prospective, as in book #2 in the series they are already pregnant. This brings new light to the events that take place in Alpha Heat and has just the right amount of angst we are used to from Leta with the smoking hotness of Vale and Jason who will not be deterred by a growing belly.
Having gone through pregnancy and birth (almost 5 months ago) this novella struck a chord with me. It deals with very deep emotional changes brought on by pregnancy, and the physical ones too. I was moved at times and found myself echoing Vale and Jason’s fears and hopes. Birth is such a shock to the body, soul and relationship. Leta, while still keeping this an erotic romance full of heat, managed to capture some of the real-life essence of motherhood (or should I say Paterhood?) in their tale. I have always admired Leta’s writing, and if you like this series you will love this tale of hope, love and humanity in its most basic form.

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