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Recent Release: SIR by N.R. Walker

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Founded over four hundred years ago, Sanctus Infinitus Redemptio is a private and very elite society where dominance and submission are revered. Steeped in tradition and excellence, every Dominant and every submissive, and their pairing, are selected with great care.
When Hunter Vargo is brought into the Sanctus, his need for strict dominance sees him paired with the wrong Master. But only a short time later, mistreated and his trust broken, he’s recalled, his collar removed. The Grand Master knows it will take a special kind of Dominant to restore the sub’s faith and trust.
Sig Bruckner’s world is perfect. He has a great job, he has high standing within the Sanctus, and he has Levin, the very best submissive. When he’s asked to take on a second sub, a young man with issues and a rule not to touch him, Sig’s world is turned upside down.
When his dominance, his patience, and self-control are tested, and when Sig’s relationships with both subs are pushed past his limits, everything begins to unravel. Yet Sig knows every good Dom learns from their subs, and he’s no exception. He might not be able to fix everything on his own, but perhaps the three of them together can.

The thing I love about N.R. Walker is the total variety of books that she writes. Sir isn’t a hardcore bdsm book (like the title states). This is an interesting take on a bdsm society. I like how it started off giving the background to how Sanctus came to be. This book was very sweet and delightfully sexy. I loved how Sig and Levin came together to show Hunter true acceptance and submission. This is a quick moving book, full of emotions and lots of sexy times.

Reviewed by Aerielle
5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


I have read quite a few BDSM stories over the last few years all of them different, some good other meh. In Sir NR Walker creates an exclusive secret society. The world building is very good. The introduction sets out the history behind Sanctus Infinitus Redemptio then brings us into the modern day. I would say this is more lite BDSM and focuses more on the Dom Sub relationship. Doms and Subs are placed together rather than finding each other. Love is not usually a factor, until now. There is plenty of play but it is more about Hunter learning to trust again and both Sig as the Dom and Levin as first Sub. Their journey is bumpy but heartwarming as well. The author’s usual style shines through and it’s very gentle and sweet with no angst and a happy ending.

4 of stars out of 5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

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