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Recent Release: Sheridan’s Redemption (Wolves of Stone Ridge #51) by Charlie Richards

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Out of the Cage: When a human meets a man who awakens feelings he’s long denied, he runs…only to find himself as the prey.

Sheridan Andorran would never be considered a good man—not even a decent one. He’s done far too many questionable things in the name of self-preservation. When his brother orders him to kidnap his niece, Sheridan intends to do it. Except, outside the home where Kendra is staying, he runs across a man charged with stopping him—Rory MacDougal—and the man awakens every hidden desire he’s ever felt. One kiss from Rory and Sheridan knows he’ll never be able to hide his desires from his homophobic brother again. He does the only thing he can think of to save his own skin. Sheridan flees. A day later, stranded on the side of the road, he starts hitchhiking…only to be picked up by Rory. Sheridan learns his brother is dead, his sister is in jail, and the only family he has left—his niece and her father—want nothing to do with him. Rory asks Sheridan to stay. Can he learn how to become a different person, a better man, and make amends to those he owes before his checkered past catches up with him?

Reader Advisory: This story is best read after finishing The Crystal Connoisseur.


This was pretty good. Not a lot of waffling by Sheridan and some pretty straight forward – human meets paranormal falling in love story.

I don’t think you had to have read the Crystall Connoisseur but it helps.

3 of 5 stars

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