Recent Release: Savage Wolf by Angelique Voisen

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Finn Brenner’s time is up. To save his brother’s hide, he promised to give himself to a sadistic Alpha who only sees Omegas as toys. Finn’s having second thoughts but there’s nowhere to run. When it’s time to face the music, Finn is thrown into a hellish hunt where he’s the prize. The last thing Finn expects is a savior in the form of a savage black wolf.

Jakob Stone’s barely holding onto his humanity. He buried his grief and lingered in the skin of his beast. When he hears Finn’s cry for help he knows this Omega is the one he’s been searching for his entire life. Jakob would do anything in his power to keep Finn safe, even if that means going up against an entire pack.


This was a great find! Jakob is nearly feral and Finn’s alpha is pretty much going to kill him as do anything else.
The romance between Finn and Jakob is fairly predictable with the Alpha/omega thing playing out as it always does, but the world building is pretty good and the story moves along quickly.
All in all I enjoyed it and will look for more from this series/author.

3.5 stars

Copy Purchased for Review

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