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Recent Release: Prisoner of Shadows (Lords of the Underworld #2) by Sam Burns, W.M. Fawkes

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For more than five thousand years, Prometheus has been chained in the underworld. Every day, an eagle tears out his liver. Every night, he heals. When Hermes releases him in a gambit to save himself from his father’s wrath, Prometheus must adjust to a world that’s forgotten him. Hunted by the twins, Artemis and Apollo, he finds help in an unexpected place.

Julian Bell is a vampire lost. He left his Louisiana home in 1936 and hasn’t settled since. Ten years ago he followed his best friend to New York, but the country they came to wasn’t the America he left. After losing his friend, he found himself unmoored in a strange land. As he nears his hundredth birthday, he’s realizing how truly alone he is.

When Prometheus and Julian’s paths cross one fateful night, they find in each other a safe path through the shadows.

Prisoner of Shadows is the second book in the Lords of the Underworld series which has so far been a delightful twist on Greek mythology.
Prometheus has been chained up and tortured in the underworld for centuries but due to the schemes of others he is released and forced to try and survive in a world he knows nothing about. I found Prometheus to be utterly charming and sweet. He just seemed to have this innocence about him but as the book progresses his character grows and evolves.
This book also takes vampire lore and put a Greek twist on it as well. Julian is apart of the Hunt, which was tasked by Artemis to help the helpless. Julian tasks himself with protecting Prometheus from those than hunt him. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship bloom between these two.
This book was very enjoyable and can easily be read as a standalone.

5 stars

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