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Recent Release: Poetry in Motion by Samantha Wayland

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Travis Campbell has been at this hockey thing for a while. He knows his days on the ice are numbered, but he’s happy with the Moncton Ice Cats and he’s still got some time to figure out what comes next. He’s been taking college classes online and thought he knew what he was doing, but then he made the ultimate rookie mistake. It turns out the poetry class is not the easier way to get his required English credits.

Barnaby Birtwistle has exiled himself to the wilds of New Brunswick, leaving London, his so-called friends, and his cheating ex behind. His life is finally getting back on track, and he’s going to keep it that way, even if it means living like a monk.

Travis is expecting a bookish nerd to help him pass his staggeringly boring class; Barnaby is expecting a meathead hockey player who struggles to string two words together, let alone appreciate poetry. Turns out that they both have something to learn.


Yay!       Hockey is just around the corner and this books gets you right in the mood!

I love Samantha’s books and it was great seeing a couple of the old MCs again.

I was not expecting this book to have the serious undertones that it did, but I was so pleased to see the subject of traumatic head injuries being discussed like this here. It’s something you hate to see as a hockey fan – but they’re a reality. In theory all the new rules are designed to limit them, but just as the book illustrates – things happen – trainers ignore the signs, players aren’t always honest and when push comes to shove – sometimes our priorities aren’t what they should be.

This was both ridiculously sweet, and super hot! Add in some humor and it was a total win for me!

I’m totally not a poetry fan – but I appreciated the work that was done to integrate poetry into the story and I believe it definitely added something to the mix.

I’m a big fan of big ol’ hockey players being sassy bottoms and this was a delight!

All in all I couldn’t ask for better!

5 of 5 stars

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