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Recent Release: Leopard’s Spots: Part Two: A Box Set by Bailey Bradford


Leopard’s Spots: Part Two – a box set
5 – Gilbert One sexy snow leopard shifter finds his mate and more, now Gilbert Trujillo just has to convince Jihu Warren to trust his instincts and give them a chance to be an unexpected family.
6 – Esau Sometimes what you don’t want is exactly what you need.
7 – Sullivan Sullivan Ward thought going away to college would be exciting, but he had no idea what adventure lay ahead for him.
8 – Wesley Letting go of the past is the hardest thing these two men have to learn to do.
Snow leopards in Holton, Colorado-who’d have thought it? Yet on the large, sprawling acreage nestled between mountains, a family of snow leopard shifters not only lives but thrives. With little to no information about their past, how they came to be or what they are capable of, these shifters struggle to understand who and what they are.
Held together by the tough and loving matriarch, Grandma Marybeth, Levi and his siblings, along with their cousins, must find their way in the world.
Forgotten truths and familial ties are discovered as the snow leopard men find their mates.


This box set continues the Leopard’s Spots shifter series, bringing us new fated mates stories linked to the same snow leopard’s family as the first set. I still really like the suspense, the world-building, the twists in the mythology and the many intriguing secondary characters.

In book 5, Gilbert finds his mate Jihu, who turns out to be a half-brother of Bae, one of the MC’s from the previous box set (book 4 Isaiah). The story continues on with the same villain as in book 4, but we learn more about exactly how vicious Bae and Jihu’s grandfather truly is. Jihu is a young, single parent, who’s had to flee for his life and was horribly abused. Seeing him find safety and love with Gilbert made this a really sweet read, in between the more suspenseful action scenes. Gilbert is a total sweetheart, protective and caring, and

Book 6 continues with another of Bae and Jihu’s half-brothers, Ye-sun who also barely managed to escape his grandfather’s clutches. Esau, for reasons that at first remain a mystery, doesn’t want a mate and tries to keep a distance from Ye-sun, which is very hurtful for that vulnerable young man, as he already feels abandoned by others who were supposed to love him. Esau is possessive and short-tempered, a bit too violent for my taste and so over-protective of Ye-sun that he turns into a bit of a bully towards others. He’s my least favorite MC in this series.

In book 7, Bobby finally gets a mate of his own. Bobby, Josiah’s brother, has made a couple of appearances in the other books and got a bad rep because of his irreverent sense of humor. He doesn’t like others deciding for him, so the fated mates thing doesn’t sit well with him, and as the future alpha of his pack he has enough expectations and responsibilities already on his plate. He’s a handful, but a great character, definitely not boring! I liked down-to-earth Sullivan for Bobby. He’s very protective and loving towards his big strong alpha and they’re really sweet together.

Book 8 brings us Wesley and Armando. Wesley is not as seemingly picture-perfect as most of the previous MC’s in the series. He’s made some mistakes and now he’s trying very hard to redeem himself and find his way again. Armando’s a human, not a shifter, who has been hurt very badly by a wolf shifter and as a result is quite aware, and wary, of shifters in general, so Wes and Armando have a lot to overcome together to reach their HEA. Theirs is very much a hurt/comfort story.

We get a couple of tantalizing glimpses of possible future MC’s in these books, there’s more still to come and I’m definitely there for it.


Number of stars out of 5: 4


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

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