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Recent Release: Leopard’s Spots: Part Three: A Box Set by Bailey Bradford


Leopard’s Spots: Part Three – a box set
9 – Nischal There are many ways a man can be held captive.
10 – Justice Recovering from his past might cost Paul Hardy his life.
11 – Sabin Sabin just wants his powdered sugar donuts, until he meets a man that tastes better than any sweets Sabin’s ever tried…
12 – Cliff Cliff thinks he’s too tough for love and too mean for a mate, but he has a lot to learn about the way the Fates work.
Snow leopards in Holton, Colorado-who’d have thought it? Yet on the large, sprawling acreage nestled between mountains, a family of snow leopard shifters not only lives but thrives. With little to no information about their past, how they came to be or what they are capable of, these shifters struggle to understand who and what they are.
Held together by the tough and loving matriarch, Grandma Marybeth, Levi and his siblings, along with their cousins, must find their way in the world.
Forgotten truths and familial ties are discovered as the snow leopard men find their mates.


The final box set in the Leopard’s Spots series is all about saving the best for last. Emotions run even higher and the relationships & dynamics between the mates differ more than in the preceding stories, even with the continuing magic of the fated mate pull, which I really liked because it took away a little of the predictability of some of the storylines.

In book 9 we are introduced to two brothers, Nischal and Sabin, who are both imprisoned in their snow leopard form. Nischal is the first to be able to make his escape and he finds himself with a human mate who knows nothing about shifters. That introduction to a new reality was great fun to read. Preston is on a mission to revenge his own brother so he understands how important that bond is and goes all out to help Nischal. I really liked that Preston wasn’t your cliche specimen of physical perfection, but more of a regular Joe.

Book 10 continues in the hometown of our beloved snow leopard’s family with leopard shifter Justice and his human mate, Paul. Paul survived capture and abuse by shifters, and is understandably not overjoyed to find himself drawn to one. Their story holds more hurt/comfort than some of the others in the series, as Paul recovers from his ordeal and learns to trust his mate and newfound shifter family. Beautiful and heartwarming.

Book 11 is about Sabin, Nischal’s brother, who is treated like a helpless, younger brother by Nischal and Preston, in need of guidance and protection, even though he and Nischal are twins. When Sabin finds his mate, Emmett, who isn’t as outwardly cuddly and trustworthy as Nischal would like, tensions run high. Emmett is very much a dark horse and as he finds out more about himself, unexpected danger comes for him and brings a whole new level of challenging threats and ugly revelations.

In the 12th and final book, secretive and scary Cliff finds himself in a vulnerable position, very much in need of help and coming across his own mate, none of which suits him. Opposites attract though and Cliff’s about to find out! I loved his mate so much!! Talk about unexpected! This is definitely my favorite pairing out of the entire series! The only thing I was a bit disappointed by, was that we didn’t get to see more of Emmett and some of the others in this story. I need more closure, or maybe just some more time in this shifter world.


Number of stars out of 5: 4.5

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