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Recent Release: Leopard’s Spots: Part One: A Box Set by Bailey Bradford


Leopard’s Spots: Part One – a box set
1 – Levi A run through the woods turned anything but typical when Levi found the one thing he never expected to find-his mate.
2 – Oscar One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.
3 – Timothy Tim Trujillo is about to learn a whole lot more than a few facts about his heritage as a snow leopard shifter.
4 – Isaiah Snow leopard shifter Isaiah Trujillo isn’t a doctor like his brother Tim, but he’s a good guy and when he meets Bae Allen Warren, he knows he’s found the one man to make his life complete.
Snow leopards in Holton, Colorado-who’d have thought it? Yet on the large, sprawling acreage nestled between mountains, a family of snow leopard shifters not only lives but thrives. With little to no information about their past, how they came to be or what they are capable of, these shifters struggle to understand who and what they are.
Held together by the tough and loving matriarch, Grandma Marybeth, Levi and his siblings, along with their cousins, must find their way in the world.
Forgotten truths and familial ties are discovered as the snow leopard men find their mates.


Enjoyable start to a 12-book long series that focuses mainly on leopard shifters, though other shifters also have a role to play along the way.
I liked the world-building and the way the author wrote the fated mates angle, keeping a perfect balance between the powerful insta-lust/-love that almost overwhelms the characters and the actual building of trust and a relationship that is very much needed in any good romance.
Action and suspense are also a very important part of these stories, with threats and dangerous villains aplenty for the MC’s to overcome in order to reach their HEA. Several interesting, though sometimes quite flawed, secondary characters are introduced as well and I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of them. It would have been great to see some of them make peace with the MC’s, have that final heart-to-heart or find their own promising future.
Every couple stands very well on his own, but I’d have liked them to have less similar tastes in bed. It got a bit predictable with almost everyone enjoying the same things and being equally versatile.

I liked the set-up with a family of shifters who have very little knowledge of their own kind, due to a traumatic event in the life of the family matriarch, Grandma Marybeth. In every book the snow leopards find out more about their heritage and the other shifters out in the wide world.

Book 1, Levi, sets the stage for the series and the reader can join Levi as he learns more about his heritage. He is in for a big surprise when Lyndon comes into his life unexpectedly and brings with him a host of troubles. I loved the emotional intensity of their connection in their story. Lyndon find his mate but also finds himself an entire new family who’ll stand beside him when danger comes calling.

In book 2, Oscar, we get to see Levi’s little brother fall in love. Oscar has quite a chip on his shoulders but he is a fascinating character and is more troubled than Levi. He’s known more pain and has had to make some hard choices to protect others. Josiah and Oscar are a great match, even though Oscar isn’t immediately onboard with the whole mates thing which did great things for the emotional intensity of their story. We also get a closer look at Henry, Oscar’s father, who is a loving and wonderful parent, I really liked what he brought to the story. One of the other memorable secondary characters is Bobby, who is awesome, even though he easily aggravates others.

Book 3 is about Timothy, a cousin of the MC’s from the first two books. He travels to Mongolia to study snow leopards and falls in love with Otto. There’s a bit more of an ominous feel to their story, because even though there’s a threat “out there”, it takes a while to become clear where the threat is coming from exactly and why.

Book 4 is about Isaiah, Tim’s brother, and is set in the US again. The other MC, Bae, grew up in a harsh, cult-like environment with pretty awful, warped “customs”. Bae is nice, but maybe a bit too hung-up on some of his fears and in the beginning he’s a little brainwashed still about the goings-on in his lepe/family. Isaiah is a great guy, shy though and lacking a little in self-confidence. It was lovely to see him grow and learn his own worth.


Number of stars out of 5: 4


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