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Ridley Scott

I’m a genuinely happy person, regardless of the fact that both of my parents are dead, I’m a college dropout, I work at a diner as a cook in Purdy, Nebraska and I’m a tall, lanky virgin gay man with more freckles than not, bright red hair, and a creepy obsession with a gorgeous god of a man who always catches me stealing glances of him and doing awkward things, such as nearly killing myself with a mop bucket or frying pan. When my car breaks down not far rom said gorgeous, god’s house, I learn that Flynn is my best friend’s alpha and there is more to my obsession than my ridiculous habit of accidental suicide attempts. We’re connected.

Flynn Becker

I’ve been watching my mate for months and waiting for the perfect time to finally claim him. When he comes sputtering to a stop not far from the leap house where I’m the alpha of a large leap of leopards, I’m both excited to finally have him close and worried about how to explain our world. When I find out he already knows about shifters and his best friend is a member of my leap, I feel like this mating just got easier. But fighting both, members of my own kind, and my precious mate’s insecurities, might be too much for even a chosen bond. I have to find a way to protect my mate from a crazed she-leopard and prove to him that he could never be, JUST Ridley.



If you’re in the mood for some really cute, sexy and fun shifter/mate/madness – this is for you! I’d never read this author before but they are on my radar now. I really enjoyed this and the book that follows and am looking forward to more.

There are some flaws – the editing isn’t great, the plot is thin, and the character development of secondary characters isn’t awesome, but… the romance is sweet and I found this to be fun and it made me laugh! Just what I wanted!

4 of 5 stars

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