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Recent Release: His Unconventional Omega (Wilde Wolves Book 1) by Aja Foxx, Ciena Foxx

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Screams filled the night. Blood drenched the floorboards and seeped into the house’s soul. Macon Wilde and Keenan Smith were there. They witnessed the annihilation. As children they had no power.
Years later, Macon has achieved his vow of revenge for the destruction of his family. Now, as alpha, he has returned to Belle Grove. It is time to restore his ancestral home and rebuild the Wilde Wolf Pack to its former glory. He wasn’t going to let anyone stop him from achieving those goals.
Keenan has waited. As an omega wolf shifter, all he could do was hide and defend Belle Grove from marauders and derelicts intent on destroying what was left, and survive the nightmares of that horrible day when he was to be the prize of a wicked, murdering, alpha.
Two strangers brought together by evil. Both are ready to fulfill their destinies, entwined with love and passion. But evil is still haunting Belle Grove and the Wilde Wolf Pack. It will be up to Macon and Keenan to figure out who is their friend and who is their enemy, because people are coming at an alarming rate and not everyone is happy that the Wilde Wolf Pack is back.


Warning: Gay erotic romance. The material in this book contains
explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only. All characters
involved are adults capable of consent, are over the age of eighteen, and are
willing participants.

I found this to be AMAZING! I loved the HOUSE!!!! The world building was fantastic, the romance super hot and sexy. I absolutely cannot wait for the next books in the series. The author has done a tremendous job of giving us teasers into the next couples and I can’t wait!

Highly recommended!

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