Recent Release: Hell to Pay (Hellhound Champions #2) by Macy Blake

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As a hellhound beta, Solomon has no complaints. Life is fine. His pack and his goddess-given duties as a protector of the human realm are enough. So what if he’s a little bored and a smidge lonely? Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. When his alpha’s mate suggests he pull his head out of his ass where one of their human pack mates is concerned, Sol cooks up a scheme to break through the wall between him and Cody, but it comes at the worst possible time.

Cody is convinced the bar he works in is run by a group of elite mob enforcers. Nothing else makes sense. The funny thing is: he doesn’t care. They treat him well and he’s come to consider them family, but like any family, there’s always someone who stirs up trouble. For Cody, that’s Solomon, the bouncer who is constantly glaring at him from the back of the bar. Something is going on, but Cody has a new distraction in the form of an anonymous online lover who knows how to push all the right buttons.

A magical attack causes havoc for their pack, dragging Cody into a world he didn’t know existed. His new family is involved in a much more dangerous life than he could ever have imagined. Hellhounds and humans must join together to stop a terrifying creature hell bent on raining destruction down on them. Solomon and Cody must step up and fulfill their destinies, or risk losing the one thing they desire most: each other.


I was waiting for this book! It (mostly) didn’t disappoint.

The pairing isn’t exactly Fated Mates, so that was less appealing – but that’s about all. There is a lovely May/December feel to this, with a lot of hot smexy times and some very sweet feelz and Growls (lol)!

This didn’t have the same resonance as book 1, not as big of a pay off, if you will, but it was still really good.

If you enjoyed book 1 I’d recommend this too. I think you could read it as a standalone but it’s full of characters from book 1 and from the other series as well so I think it’s better read in a series.

4 stars

Copy Purchased for Review

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