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Recent Release: Golden Valley (Pack #3) by Cardeno C.

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A generous Alpha with a tragic past and a young Omega with hopes for the future overcome mistakes to heal a pack and find happiness together.

Life has thrown more than his fair share of challenges and losses at Alpha Morgan Peters. Despite his pain and disappointment, the shifter picks himself up and does right by his pack. As the years pass, Morgan establishes himself as a leader who is as kind as he is strong and Golden Valley prospers. But it isn’t until an Omega shifter enters his life that Morgan sees hope for a future where he can be more than an Alpha.

When Psi Omega Ricky Marx goes to Golden Valley as a representative of his home pack, he is thrilled to find his mate—the beautiful, powerful Golden Valley Alpha. Unfortunately, their first meeting doesn’t go well, and overwhelmed by his mistakes, Ricky sees no choice but to flee.

Morgan’s past makes him struggle to absorb more loss. Ricky’s youth makes him struggle to find his voice. But if these two shifters can overcome their challenges and come back together, they’ll heal the Golden Valley pack and fulfill their destiny.


First, let me say how absolutely PSYCHED I am to see Cardeno C writing again! I love this series – I probably read or listen to the entire shifter series and the Mates series 3 or 4 times a year. It’s a definite comfort for me and I am so grateful to have more to add in to the mix!

I was happy to see Ricky get his own story and I found Morgan to be a fabulous mate for him.

There are things I didn’t love – how long they were separated/how little time they spent together on page being the biggest issue. There were things I loved – how Ricky just goes for it and essentially demands to be mated and I loved seeing the folks from Blue Mountain again.

Overall, Red River is still my favorite in this series but I think it might tie with Blue Sky for next honors.

Highly recommended to fans of the author, the series, fated mates, mpreg, shifter stories and paranormal romance in general!

4.5 of 5 stars

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