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Recent Release: Fall Through Spring by Amy Lane


A Winter Ball Novel
As far as Clay Carpenter is concerned, his abusive relationship with food is the best thing he’s got going. When a good friend starts kicking his ass into gear, Clay is forced to reexamine everything he learned about food and love—and that’s right when he meets troubled graduate student, Dane Hayes.
Dane Hayes doesn’t do the whole monogamy thing, but the minute he meets Clay Carpenter, he’s doing the friend thing in spades. The snarky, scruffy bastard not only gets Dane’s wacky sense of humor, he also accepts the things Dane can’t control—like the bipolar disorder Dane has been trying to manage for the past six years.
Dane is hoping for more than friendship, and Clay is looking at him with longing that isn’t platonic. They’re both positive they’re bad at relationships, but with the help of forbidden desserts and new medication regimens, they prove outstanding at being with each other. But can they turn their friendship into the love neither of them has dared to hope for?


Now this is the Amy I love! I LOVED book 1 – Winter Ball and was a bit disappointed in book 2. I thought the characters were amazing and was not a huge fan of Terry – even though they definitely all get a happy ending I wasn’t sure Mason and Terry are a “forever” couple.

First, Amy kinda addresses that in this book – IMHO. Through the eyes of Dane and Carpenter we see their worries for that couple, too. Second, I’m SOOOOO glad Amy decided to give Dane his own full story. Sure – a lot of it we speculated about in Mason’s book – but here we get to see it really evolve.

Carpenter is such an amazing guy. Wow. He puts up with a lot of BS from Dane and he will have to continue to do so for a long time. However, I loved how Amy shows us WHY he’s worth the trouble.

I also LOVED the frank discussion about both Carpenter’s issues and Dane’s. We get no happy ever after for those problems – they are a constant work in progress. I thought that Carpenter’s take on his body was insightful and realistic and that struggle with the clothes in his closet was SPOT ON! Man – how many sizes do we all have “just in case” – well maybe not all of us – but I sure do!

The feelz, the smexy times, and the HEA are all wonderful and though you don’t HAVE to read books 1 and 2 – I think you should read book 2 to really appreciate the nuances in this book 3.

Highly recommended to fans of the author, angst, mental illness, body image stress, cookies and animals!

5 stars

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