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Recent Release: Don’t Badger Me (Kontra’s Menagerie #27) by Charlie Richards

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When Deacon Ferdmin learns his brother, Daevon, is transitioning into a new life, he decides it’s time to do the same. Plus, as a badger shifter, he’s tired of living in the city. Buying a motorcycle and heading cross-country to meet up with Daevon, Deacon enjoys the change of pace from his prior high-stakes job as a firefighter…until his motorcycle breaks down. There’s only a couple of mechanic shops in town, and the first one he goes to refuses to service his machine since he’s openly and obviously gay. As angry as it makes Deacon, when he walks into the second shop, he quickly turns grateful. He scents that somewhere within the depths of the dingy space is his mate. However, Deacon also realizes that approaching the man—Axel Spumoni—will take some finesse. Not only has Deacon already experienced discrimination, but he notices Axel is a burn victim. Can Deacon figure out a way to woo his reclusive, wary mate while dealing with the backwater town’s hostility?


This was so good! Up until the end.

I was enjoying this so much. The underdog winning. The big bad bullies getting what they deserved. The gang swooping in to save the day – Awesome!

But just when our guys get together the story ends – pow! These are short stories and I know that – but this felt abbreviated even with that in mind.

It was a 4 star (or more) read til the end then I had to knock it to 3.5 stars.

Copy Purchased for Review

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