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Recent Release: Denying His Alpha (Wilde Wolves, #2) by Aja Foxx, Ciena Foxx

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For fox shifter, Iren, life has taken a stupendous, incredible turn. After years of abuse, he escaped and is now part of a wonderful pack. Alpha Macon is so fair and good to Iren. Best of all he’s the assistant chef to the magnificent Aetius. He can’t begin to describe how breathtaking Aetius is, with his long flowing hair, tight pants, and awesome boots.

Some think Aetius is kind of stuck up and rigid. Iren knows better. After all, they are kind of, almost, in a relationship and have almost kissed. It was just a matter of time before they’re mates. If only that irritating Kane would quit insisting that Iren sit next to him and quit being so, so irritating.

Gabriel Kane knew he had an uphill battle, convincing Iren they were mates and destined to be together for all eternity. The little fox couldn’t seem to wrap his busy mind around the fact that the arrogant Aetius was never going to mate with him. But Gabriel was fighting for his future and he always got what he wanted, even if he had to fight Iren to get it.

When trouble comes to the Wilde Wolf Pack and Kane is injured, Iren nurses him back to good health. Does Kane take advantage of Iren’s softening attitude toward him? Yes, yes, he does. Now the pack only has to deal with nasty ferrets, the arrival of a lion, fox, ferret, a baby, and the birth of another baby, oh my.


I was waiting for this book! I so enjoyed book 1 and was really compelled by the characters that I couldn’t wait for this!

On the one hand, it was pretty good and I was glad I’d read it.

On the other hand, I have to admit I was frustrated as all hell by the back and forth between Kane and Iren that by the time they got together I was just like “Finally!” and was ready for the story to move on.

I think this story included WAY too many elements and lacked that clean focus that book 1 had.

I’m still looking forward to everyone else’s stories:)

4 of 5 stars

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