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Recent Release: Dawn’s Beginning For Brise (Kazar’s Dragons Book 1) by Ciena Foxx

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The war has escalated and disaster is coming. The only hope for their species is to send the babies to a planet called Earth. They have twenty-five years to rebuild and heal before the babies, now adults, take their magnificent forms. Earthlings would not understand this phenomenon and the destruction to follow could be catastrophic.

As the team leader of a group of elite soldiers guarding the prince, Kallum Draak shouldered the burden of taking children away from their parents and transporting them to a faraway land before the poisons could invade their systems. He fought to survive those long, agonizing years when many gave up. Now the time has come to claim his mate.

Brise Lowney can’t complain. Life consists of work and spending time with his best friend. Sure, he has a funky design of a dragon on his arm and he receives a cryptic note on his birthday every year. Things are fine, right? Except the latest note says that he will meet the mysterious writer tomorrow. Life isn’t what it seems and is about to change.


This was a very interesting premise. I am not a big “space” fan, so I probably didn’t enjoy this as much as others might. However, this is the first in a series and I’d be willing to read more based on the world building here.

I didn’t care for the dynamics much between the two MCs – the young guy, Brise, was a bit too whiny for my taste. The older guy, Kallum, was a bit too patronizing and the “big misunderstanding” was too obvious and not really that compelling.

But… I am intrigued and that deserves 3 stars.

3 stars

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