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Recent Release: Change of Heart by K.M. Neuhold

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Does my husband’s heart still miss me now that it beats in the chest of another man?

A heartbeat more familiar than Easton’s own

He vowed to love his husband until death do they part. And then the worst happened.

His heart kept another man alive. River. A stranger in the world with Easton’s husband’s heart pumping the blood that warms his skin. Does his heart ever miss Easton without knowing why?

Sweet, kind, beautiful, River. Easton never meant to meet him…never meant to know him…never meant to fall for him.

Easton loved River’s heart long before he ever met him, but is it possible he’s falling in love with his mind and soul too?

When Easton’s husband passes away, he does not know what to do. Years later he is still mourning. While trying to move on with his life he decides to see who the man is that got Paul’s heart. Easton finds so much more than just the man who received a heart, he finds a man that wakes him up and brings him back to life, but could he truly love again?
Easton and River’s story is full of emotion. You can feel Easton’s pain as your own and it will pull on your heart. When he meets River his heart and his mind are so full of conflict, but he cannot give up on the feelings he begins to have. The two are so sweet and perfect together it is as if they are two halves of a whole. Easton is blessed with two wonderful men in his life and must decide if he is going to fight for his second chance or let it slip away. River is a good man who will have to decide if he is willing to take a chance on love. Their relationship grows quickly and deeply, and I loved watching the love grow between the two. Not only did River and Easton have a lot to say but the supporting characters stood out as well and I hope that we get to see more from them in the future. Your heart is pulled into this story right from the start and you cannot help but root for true love to find its way again to such deserving men.

4 stars out of 5

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