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Recent Release: Betrayed (The Lost Wolves #1) by Skye R. Richmond and Skyler Snow

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Dominik is a man without a home.
After everything he holds dear is stolen from him by the one person he thought would never betray him, Dominik leaves the only home he’s ever known and the pack that he was raised to lead.
The choice is easy… or maybe there isn’t one.
After wandering, Dom finally finds a place that makes him want to put down roots. Along with his best friend, the only one to stand by him, they create a pack like no other. One where everyone is welcome.
He has a home, now all Dom wants is a quiet life… that is, until he meets Elias.
Dom never thought he would find another home, but maybe fate has a plan and he’s right where he’s supposed to be.
This series has little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! Absolutely no cheating. If you want angst this is not the series for you. These are 25k short and sweet reads.


This was the first book I read by this author (authors) and it led me to read more! I was absolutely in the mood for something super light and fluffy and this totally delivered!!!

The story line is pretty predictable – shifter, alpha/omega, mpreg, fated mates… you get the idea. But the characters are really great and the story flows really nicely. I think the writing duo has a bit of an edge over the authors on their own.


4 stars

Copy Purchased for Review


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