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Recent Release: A Little Angelic Interference (A Loving Nip #21) by Charlie Richards

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Just a little Love Bite: A man struggling with his identity realizes he has his very own guardian angel…if he’s strong enough to accept him.

As an angel sent to help a struggling soul, getting kidnapped isn’t even a blip on Zylen’s radar. Before he can connect with Howard, the human he’s sent to help, he’s taken hostage. He’s rescued by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Zylen recuperates in the Horseman of Pestilence’s realm, sharing everything he knows, before continuing on his mission. Finally meeting Howard, he experiences something he never has before—attraction. At first, he thinks it’s a by-product of spending time in the demon realm. Then Zylen has an epiphany. Howard is his stella guida—his guiding star—the only human in existence whose life would give him more purpose than his duty to his creator. Zylen knows he can’t reveal his true nature unless Howard chooses him. Unfortunately, the whole reason he was sent to Howard was to offer guidance as he struggles with a choice—find a girl to date, appeasing his mother, or finally come out. From what Zylen’s angelic gifts have shown him, the odds aren’t stacked in the coming out category. Between meddling family, homophobic females, and the threat of hunters, can Zylen show Howard what can be between them without revealing his true nature and damning them both?


This was an interesting take on Angels/Demons. It’s a typical Charlie story in that it develops at hyper speed and is over before you know it, but it was fun and enjoyable – as always 

3 of 5 stars

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