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Protecting Peter (Bodyguard Pack #2) by Casey Drake


Hawk Connolly knows Joshua Thornston is their bad guy, but his pack needs an in to get the proof they need. Enter Peter Thornston and his celebutante siblings—pretty faces whose only talents are wearing clothes and being seen. Taking a shot at them in public is the quickest way to get in the door, and Hawk is prepared for everything… except discovering Peter is his mate.

Peter Thornston lives in the shadow of his brother and sister. They are the ones everyone loves, the ones everyone wants to be close to. And he knows his father isn’t exactly a good guy, but Peter never suspects that he is the actual bad guy. When he lands in Hawk’s crosshairs, he starts reevaluating exactly who his father is and whether he can live with it.

When he finds out just how deep the conspiracy goes, he has to choose: his father, or the wolf who pulled the trigger.



I enjoyed this for the most part, but I got a little sick of the separation between Hawk and Peter and all the P names.

1) I was always having to re check who the heck the author was discussing because Penny Peter Paul Phoebe… etc
2) Then even though we know early on Hawk is Peter’s mate – it takes forever and for not really good reason
3) I really don’t like Penny.

But I loved the ending and I was happy – in the end.

3 of 5 stars

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