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Practice Makes Perfect 
(Scientific Method Universe )by Kris Ripper 

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Paul Sorenson signs up for the BDSM and Dating workshop because his best friend threatens an intervention if he doesn’t. He figures if nothing else, at least it’ll be nice to sit in a room with other kinky queer folks.

The location’s not quite as accessible as it was supposed to be, but there’s a ramp down an alley and a door his wheelchair fits through, so he’s definitely seen worse. Also, there’s a no dating rule, but since Paul has a bad habit of rushing into things and steamrolling every obstacle in his path, that’s not such a bad thing.

Then he meets Ally Jennings. And all bets are off.

Ally loves the workshop, even if she feels like the least experienced person in the room. Meeting Paul is the icing on the cake. When he looks at her, she feels like he gets her, and that’s…never happened before.

He’s dominant, she’s submissive, and everything from kissing to talking about their families feels perfect. But when Paul pushes for commitment, Ally hesitates, and each of them feels betrayed.

They’ve only known each other for two weeks. They should probably just write the whole thing off and go their separate ways, except they can’t stop thinking about each other. Falling in love was the easy part. Building a relationship takes a hell of a lot of work


This book is part of the Scientific Method Universe and whilst you may get more enjoyment knowing the backstory to some of the characters (Hugh, Truman, Will, Molly, Adam and Beccs) I don’t think it’s necessary. The stories in Scientific Method universe are BDSM this one is quite light. The BDSM and Dating workshop is a discussion group so please don’t let the BDSM put you off reading this lovely romance of two people finding ‘the one’.

Ally Jennings has low self confidence and with the encouragement of the other members of the group comes out of her shell. She has hardly any experience in BDSM and is a shy about exploring it. Paul on the other hand is confident and quite focused when he knows what he wants. They are attracted to each other from the start and it is lovely to see both sides of their nature.

Kris Ripper is excellent at writing the interplay between characters and there is potential for lots of stories lines and to emerge from the characters in this workshop. Paul’s disability is portrayed sensitively. To be honest there were times I forgot he was in a wheelchair he was just Paul, and that was what Paul was looking for someone who saw him first and not the chair. He found that with Ally.

A sweet and lovely romance and I look forward to reading more about them in other Scientific Method Universe books.

4 of 5 stars


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