Plaid versus Paisley (Fabric Hearts #2) by K.C. Burn

(I found this image on the internet:  – Now I wished I’d had this calendar starting in January!!  😉  Don’t you wish kilts were part of more standard uniforms?!  We could include this in our Men in Uniform Month!   )

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Two years after his life fell apart, Will Dawson moved to Florida to start over. His job in the tech department of Idyll Fling, a gay porn studio, is ideal for him. When his boss forces him to take on a new hire, the last person he expects is Dallas Greene—the man who cost him his job and his boyfriend back in Connecticut. He doesn’t know what’s on Dallas’s agenda, but he won’t be blindsided by a wolf masquerading as a runway model. Not again.

Dallas might have thrown himself on his brother’s mercy, but his skills are needed at Idyll Fling. Working with Will is a bonus, since Dallas has never forgotten the man. A good working relationship is only the beginning of what Dallas wants with Will.

But Dallas doesn’t realize how deep Will’s distrust runs, and Will doesn’t know that the man he’s torn between loving and hating is the boss’s brother. When all truths are revealed, how can a relationship built on lies still stand?


This is a great series! It’s full of geeks, hot smexy times and kilts! What’s not to love?

I thought the time spent waffling over who to tell and who might find out and what everyone’s motivations were to be a bit tiring, but I also really thought that the HEA was well-earned by the end as a result.

I didn’t always understand why the secrecy and if there was anything that detracted from this story it was that. I think if everyone had a simple conversation a lot of the angst could have been avoided and that type of angst makes me crazy.

However, the characters are unique and well-developed, the smexy times were scorching and overall I really enjoyed this as a standalone or as part of the series.

4 of 5 stars


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