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Partnership (Covert Affairs #1) by Valerie Vaughn


Syler Perrin’s the best in the world at what he does, but beyond that he’s sort of a mess. Case in point: the engineer and cyber security specialist landed his job as Deputy Director of the covert affairs division by hacking into it while drunk off his ass on cheap tequila after getting dumped.

Turns out the CIA was in desperate need of his particular brand of help.

Special Agent Arthur Dufault is also the best in the world at what he does, which as far as Syler can tell is destroying every piece of equipment he makes and flirting with everything that moves.

It wouldn’t be so bad, really, if the giant blond menace hadn’t taken a shine to him, demanding Syler act as his handler for every mission.

Oh, and also if there wasn’t a hacker-turned-cyber-terrorist who kept eluding them.

Being forced to partner up with Dufault to put a stop to it was bad enough. Discovering that Arthur wanted him was a whole other headache.

Or: how the most notorious field operative in the CIA wooed his reluctant handler – a tale of patience, persistence, and sass, with a dash of international espionage for variety.

Delightfully domestic happy ending guaranteed, some explosions may apply.


This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was so involved and detailed. Usually I don’t like the non-romance part of a book as much as the romance, but I loved all the gadgets and shenanigans. The slow build was epic and not tedious (which I usually find).

The smexy times are good, and just right for the characters and the story.

Very highly recommended!

6 of 5 stars

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